eCommerce Development for Cut + Sew

Cut + Sew, renowned as Ireland’s leading barber brand, sought to extend their market reach by selling their styling products online. The goal was to create a seamless, high-converting e-commerce store that operated independently yet was cohesively linked to their existing business website.
Cut + Sew aimed to enhance their online presence by integrating their existing WordPress site with a new Shopify platform. They sought a seamless user experience that combined the e-commerce capabilities of Shopify with the content management of WordPress.

Client Objectives

Understanding the Challenge

Integrating Shopify into an existing WordPress site required careful coordination to ensure a unified look and feel. The challenge involved maintaining brand consistency while seamlessly merging the e-commerce functionalities within the established website architecture.

Design Process

Web Design & Development

Get a beautiful and functional website that drives your business forward.

#1 SEO Ranking

Show up in front of your customers on Google when it matters the most.

Mobile Optimisation

Increase your conversion rate with an exceptional mobile experience.

PPC Marketing

Grow your business faster with targeted ad campaigns that move the needle.

Shopify for e-commerce functionality WordPress for content management and website structure

Tech Stack Used

Key Features

Unified Branding: Integration ensured a cohesive look across the site.
Seamless Navigation: Smooth transitions between WordPress content and Shopify’s e-commerce section.
Product Showcase: Highlighting barber services and products effectively within the existing site.
Consolidated Management: Centralised backend for streamlined updates and maintenance.
Ensured a consistent user journey throughout the site. Seamlessly integrated shopping functionalities without disrupting content flow. Optimized for mobile responsiveness to cater to diverse user devices.

User Experience (UX) Considerations

Results and Achievements

Reduced bounce rates by 15% post-integration. 30% increase in online bookings and product sales. Positive user feedback on the integrated experience and ease of navigation.
By integrating Shopify into the existing WordPress site, Cut + Sew successfully achieved their goal of offering a cohesive online platform. The consolidation of e-commerce and content management systems improved user engagement and sales, providing a seamless experience for visitors seeking barber services and products.


Client Testimonial